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As a contemporary artist with a culturally diverse background I’ve found comfort in combining my love for literature, sociology and art for years, producing many mixed media and installations pieces. My practice involves a blend of tedious reading and simple observations of society and self, as it relates to the theory of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis asserts that the impact of early childhood sexuality and experiences, stored in the unconscious, can lead to the development of adult emotional problems. This sets the stage for my research and has led me to look at the dynamics of the relationship between the individual and society; often focusing on motifs of trauma, anxiety, identity, feminism and abuse as co-creators of the human personalities. Ever since a teen I’ve been consumed by the question “what makes us who we are?” and this is the main driving force of my work. As an artist I am still fond of my experimental stage, I love exploring texture and how it translates into movement and conversation, therefore I tend to work with a range of textures from ‘flowy’ fabrics to sturdy concrete. In both my installations and mixed media pieces there are both physical layers of colours and textures, as well as mental layers of paradoxes and double meanings. In the works I have produced I try to actively reflect the complex understanding and interpretation of the individual and society as a whole while using a minimalistic design approach.
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